About MPPH

Our Foundation: Born out of Love

Mortgage Professionals Providing Hope is the product of a life-changing trip President and Founder, Dale Vermillion, took to rural India in 2001 to meet Terupatanama.

Dale supported “Teru” as a donor for years until one day he decided to travel more than 8000 miles to meet her in real life. The encounter was so moving that when Dale got back, he set out on a mission to raise support for orphans and impoverished children like Teru.

Five years later, that mission gave birth to MPPH, an organization committed to providing mortgage companies and individuals with opportunities to help people and communities in need through sustainable aid and service projects.

For years, MPPH has lived out this mission by partnering with IREF to feed, clothe and house impoverished and orphaned kids in south central India.

Our Future: carried with purpose

After 8 years of rewarding work in Adhra Pradesh, MPPH is expanding its horizons this year to take on partners and projects in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, in addition to launching all new programs right here in the United States.

Dale’s son, Jake, left a position managing projects in Africa to lead this exciting new initiative. Under his direction, MPPH is excited to take a project-specific approach to addressing the large-scale humanitarian issues plaguing the developing world.

Moving forward, MPPH will maintain a portfolio of small spanning a range of countries, development goals, and social issues that mortgage companies and individuals can contribute to with a one-time, or by enrolling in our Humble Hero Program.

Companies that commit to supporting three projects in a single year will be honored as an official MPPH corporate sponsor and will receive free marketing materials as well as a dedicated page on mpph.org as thanks for their invaluable partnership.

Our Commitment: Executed with Integrity

The future is bright at MPPH! As we continue to deploy and perfect these and other initiatives in the coming weeks and months, we are committed—as always—to minimizing overhead costs so that 100% of every gift goes directly to those you, our supporters, work so hard to help.

We hope you’ll stick with us on this journey, and thank you for the amazing work you have made possible as a member of this growing force for good.



What We Believe

Anyone Can Make a Difference

We believe that anyone can make a positive impact on the life of another given the opportunity. That’s why we work so hard to maintain a portfolio of projects that cater to a vast number of interests and that allow supporters to become an active part of the process.

A Fist is Stronger than Five Fingers

We believe that working with and through is better than working around. That’s why we’re constantly seeking out strategic partnerships with indigenous organizations that are a part of the communities we hope to reach, rather than trying to help from the outside­ in.

Indigenous Problems Require Indigenous Solutions implemented by indigenous peoples

We believe the traditional model of Western aid is broken; but, we also believe that Western support is needed to improve the global standard of living. That’s why we implement local solutions developed by local people through local organizations and activists.

Empowerment Spurs change, Enablement Reinforces Routine

We believe in fixing—rather than ignoring—problems. That’s why we’ve committed to publicly evaluating the effectiveness of our projects. We are dedicated to continuously innovating new ways to the problems we see everyday: poverty, hunger and abuse.

Transparency, Accountability and Flexibility Are Key to Ethical and Effective Aid

We believe that ethical and effective aid requires that we embrace transparency, that we are accountable to ourselves, our partners, our donors, and the recipients of our aid, and that we are flexible in our approach, as well as in our attitude toward serving others.



Our Team

Dale Vermillion


Dale Vermillion

As president and founder, Dale sets the direction for MPPH: approving proposed projects, reviewing budgets, and—most importantly—leveraging relationships he’s built in the industry for good. Dale and his wife, Laurel, reside in Florida where they minister to teens and serve the homeless in addition to guiding MPPH’s every step.

Laurel Vermillion


Laurel Vermillion

A steadfast member of the MPPH team, Laurel has provided invaluable direction for the organization behind the scenes over the course of its existence. As a community activist, Laurel has repeatedly pushed the organization to approach its work with a communal mindset, to care more for the welfare of the people and communities we pledge to serve than the organization’s bottom line.

Jake Vermillion


Jake Vermillion

Jake has worked in India, Haiti, Mexico, Ethiopia and Kenya to help disadvantaged communities as an aid specialist, advocate and journalist. Jake has also served as an international project manager, developed digital communications strategies for nonprofit organizations, and coordinated grassroots human rights campaigns. As an advisor with Thrivent Financial, Jake works everyday to help his clients live more generously.

Michael Brucato


Michael Brucato

Michael grew up in Southern Europe, speaks fluent Italian, and has traveled to over 20 countries. He graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelors in international relations and business management. As a veteran. he believes in giving back; but, knows full well that sometimes helping in the wrong way can do more harm than good. He believes in sustainable, wholistic development.



Our Board



Dale Vermillion

President | Mortgage Champions

As Chairman of the Board, Dale leads its members in setting the organization's course in a renewed age of giving. With an intimate knowledge of the impact MPPH's work has upon the lives of its recipients, Dale acts as a bridge between the board and those it exists to serve. Overseeing both day-to-day operations and big-picture vision casting, no one has a better perspective of where the organization is headed in light of where it has been.



Tim Donelly

President | Softvu

In 1999, Tim created SoftVu with a vision to help companies streamline their business processes using enhanced forms of communication. More than 10-years later, now with a special focus on providing marketing automation and database marketing to mortgage lenders, Tim is in a unique position to communicate the benefits of partnering with MPPH to industry elites and startups alike.


Owen Lee

President | Success Mortgage Partners