Every child deserves a Christmas.

Help ensure they get one by becoming a Humble HeroTM gift sponsor today.

In 2018, we helped more than 50 homeless families find a safe place to call home.

Which is why, as the holidays fast-approach, we're inviting you to help give each of them a Merry Christmas!

And, thanks to our friends at Partners Making A Difference...

Every gift made now through Christmas Eve will be matched!

So, double your generosity and give two gifts to a child in need by becoming a gift sponsor today!

Gift-matching limited to first $2,500 in gifts.


Looking to do more this Christmas?

Schedule a consultation with a Financial Advisor to discuss the potential tax benefits of making a planned end-of-year gift.

None of us gives for tax purposes, but, with a little planning, many of us could give more than we ever imagined!

That's why we've developed a strategic partnership with Thrivent Financial to offer our supporters access to gift planning services that can help them maximize their charitable impact.

Gain access to these services by completing the form to request a consultaion with a qualified financial advisor.


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