Ensuring Education




Living out and proclaiming the Gospel by improving quality of life, providing relief to those in need and providing opportunities to those who may not otherwise have them.


Ensuring Education

breaking a vicious cycle of Generational Poverty 

In some of the poorest countries in the world—plagued by soaring inflation, over-population and stifled private sectors—entire communities are forced to make a living picking through one man’s trash to find another man’s treasure. They’re called miners, and they and their families live in and sift through the city dump to find and hawk sellable goods at local markets.

Hard-pressed to find and sell enough valuable items to afford to put food on the table, parents in miner communities often are forced to withdraw their kids from school to help pick them pick through the endless heaps.

Many of these children never even make it to their first day of class—falling far behind their peers as they spend their school years scouring for goods to help provide for their families. It’s a cycle that has trapped tens of thousands of families in the lowest socioeconomic classes in some of the world’s most impoverished countries.

That’s why MPPH is proud to partner with Hope Renewed International, a faith-based nonprofit based in Guatemala City, Guatemala, where they’ve established a kindergarten school in the city’s largest dump to service the children of miner families.

Bearing the burden of the cost of education by providing scholarships to miner families, Hope Renewed International has opened the door for children that would have been left behind, to instead get ahead.

By contributing to this project, you’ll be helping to fund scholarships that cover the cost of education (teachers’ salaries, books, uniforms, meals and miscellaneous materials) for some of the poorest, most underserved children in the world.

As a contributor, you’ll receive real-time updates highlighting the kids you’ve helped send to school by supporting the work Hope Renewed International has taken-on in Guatemala.