Others' mission

To establish collaborative partnerships between churches, businesses, governmental entities, and non-profit organizations for the greater purpose of empowering underserved members of the community.


Extending Opportunity

Helping Struggling Families Get Back on Their Feet

As many as 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, meaning that for three-quarters of the world’s wealthiest population, extraordinary expenses, a loss of income or a disabling injury can have devastating consequences, e.g. the loss of a home or apartment, a reliable form of transportation, or a loved one.

Thankfully, in moments of crisis, most Americans can leverage credit, secure a new revenue stream, or turn to a family member, friend or colleague for help; but, for too many others, there’s simply nowhere to turn.

For these Americans, losing a job, bearing an unanticipated expense or suffering an injury can force them to choose between putting food on the table, maintaining a roof over there heads, or keeping the power on.

That’s why MPPH is proud to partner with Others of Destin, a community-based organization that helps navigate everyday Americans through extenuating life circumstances.

By securing temporary housing, paying-down overdue utility bills, providing relevant job training and start-up funds, and connecting recipients with organizations, agencies and individuals that provide specialized support (like medical care and disability registration), Others is actively working to keep people who just need a little help to get back on their feet, from falling into the generational cycle of poverty perpetuated by our failing social safety net.

By contributing to this project, you’re offering struggling Americans the support they need to feed, house and clothe their loved ones while returning to the work force to once again provide for their families.


As a contributor, you’ll receive real-time updates highlighting the families you’ve helped restore by supporting the life-changing work Others is doing right here in the United States.