Why Get Fit to Give Hope?

Seeing the beauty of human agency in fitness and generosity.

By Jake Vermillion - January 8th, 2019

At MPPH, we believe in empowerment—in helping people take control of their lives by making good decisions for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.

From the projects we fund to the programs we offer, we are always look for ways to support human agency, and to invest in potential, not ensure outcome.

That’s why, in 2019, we are so excited to partner with Fit For Hope to provide the same sense of opportunity to our donors as we do to those we serve around the world.

We’d love for you to join us. To challenge yourself. To be a better you, and to contribute to a better world!

Whether you would describe yourself as active or not, an athlete or not, fit or not, we believe everyone has untapped potential. So, why not explore yours alongside other mortgage professionals this summer?

You likely have little to lose besides a few pounds and possibly some bad habits. Take advantage of this unique opportunity by pre-registering today, above.