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Dear MPPH Supporters,

Thank you for your prayers, financial contributions, and tireless service to help our community devastated by the flooding after Hurricane Harvey.

Our relief efforts are focused on the people who live in the 826 homes who live in the area that received the highest amount of rainfall in the storm, and who registered a damage report with us.

550 homes have been cleaned out/cleaned up, most are awaiting sanitization so the rebuilding process can begin.

Lawns are still cluttered with the sheetrock, insulation, furniture and other possessions from flooded homes.

2,500 volunteers have been sent into homes to clean up, offer encouragement, and share resources. We are organizing them, feeding them and providing the tools needed.

160 volunteers have connected with 357 families impacted by the flood to check in, offer prayer, and discover needs. They then passed information to volunteer teams to do laundry, provide food, network to find temporary housing, and determine the status of clean up.

A warehouse of supplies from around the country is being distributed to individuals, food banks and distribution centers. Currently, we are limiting the supplies we will receive to clean up and rebuilding supplies.

We anticipate this recovery and rebuilding effort to require months, possibly years.

Thank you for your concern for our community and thank you for prayers, giving and volunteer services.


Bruce Wesley, Senior Pastor

Clear Creek Community Church


Jake Vermillion

Panama City Beach, FL

Jake serves as an advisor with Thrivent Financial, a Fortune 300, faith-based nonprofit that helps the body of Christ manage God's resources Biblically.

In his spare time, Jake helps nonprofits optimize their digital presence as a freelance consultant, hosts The Human Level, a podcast committed to reclaiming charity as a vehicle for change, and attends Redeemer 30A with his wife, Hannah.