Responding to The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

As the Giving Season draws to a close, we cannot even begin to express our immense thanks for your partnership this year to restore hope to the hopeless.

Without your support, we could not have housed 46 homeless families, freed two women from forced labor, and opened a recreational center for teens, among other things.

As a cherished partner, we wanted to make you aware of the potentially significant impact the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may have on donors like you.

Given the bill’s dramatic increase of the standard deduction and its elimination of several commonly-used deductions, it’s estimated that 95% of Americans will not itemize in 2018, effectively eliminating any tax benefit for their annual charitable giving.

If you are a taxpayer planning to itemize in 2017, you may want to consider making a larger year-end gift before these changes take effect.

As we are not in a position to give specific tax advice, we highly recommend consulting your tax advisor before December 31st to consider your individual situation.

If you decide to make a year-end gift, we would love for you to consider investing in MPPH’s Hope Redeems Fund, which helps individuals like Tara obtain the skills she needs to run her own business after being rescued from human traffickers.

Giving has always been an overflow of the heart. Regardless of the coming changes, we are so thankful to know passionate, generous, and inspiring professionals like you who choose to put others first.


Jake Vermillion
Director of Operations

Jake Vermillion

Panama City Beach, FL

Jake serves as an advisor with Thrivent Financial, a Fortune 300, faith-based nonprofit that helps the body of Christ manage God's resources Biblically.

In his spare time, Jake helps nonprofits optimize their digital presence as a freelance consultant, hosts The Human Level, a podcast committed to reclaiming charity as a vehicle for change, and attends Redeemer 30A with his wife, Hannah.