To establish and maintain homes for orphans and destitute children; to provide financial assistance in supporting medical services for the rural poor; and to encourage human development through the creation of self-help projects.


Protecting Kids

defeating systemic poverty and cultural repression

All across the world, disease, poverty and violence have contributed to a ballooning orphan crisis. Working with limited resources, UNICEF has estimated that as many as 132 million children have lost at least one parent—often forcing them out of school and into child labor.

Despite making up only a third of the world’s population, children represent nearly half of all people living in extreme poverty (living on less than $1 a day). Hundreds of millions of children struggle to survive against limited access to proper nutrition, clean drinking water, education and healthcare.

Each year, 2.7 million babies die in their first month of life and 5.9 million children die before reaching age 5 due to preventable causes.

That’s why MPPH is proud to partner with IREF, a faith-based organization clothing, feeding, sheltering and educating orphaned and impoverished children in Central India.

By caring for their students’ physical, emotional and educational needs, IREF is raising-up a generation of Indians capable of bettering their families’—and their communities’—futures. Each year, IREF graduates hundreds of nurses, teachers and administrators prepared to meet the country’s booming demand for skilled labor, positioning them to be able to lift themselves—and their loved ones—out of a cycle of poverty promulgated by a repressive caste system.

By contributing to this project, you’re helping to feed, shelter and educate some of the world’s poorest children. By supporting IREF’s life-changing work, you’re helping to protect kids from forced labor, arranged marriages, poverty and illiteracy by offering an alternative: a life of dignity, and choice.


As a contributor, you’ll receive updates every time we complete a defined project benefitting IREF students, their families, and their communities, which you’ll be able to share with family, friends, coworkers, clients and vendors.