Sharing God’s love for people throughout the world by providing for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


Sponsoring Dreams

Giving orphans in Romania An Opportunity to just be kids 

As a principle, MPPH is committed to raising the bar in meeting others needs through charitable giving. Developing specific, actionable, small-scale projects to be executed in partnership with existing organizations that work in and through indigenous peoples is one way that we’re looking to raise the bar.

Another, is by committing to do more than just barely meet the physical needs of those we purport to serve. We have no interest in helping hurting people and communities just enough to for them to survive—we want to help in a way that allows them to thrive!

In the long-term, there’s only one real way to defeat poverty: it’s to empower people and communities in need to help themselves.

It’s in that spirit that we are partnering with Hope for the World, a faith-based nonprofit operating six orphanages on five different continents that care for children and orphans in need.

Hope for the World is radically changing the trajectory of children’s lives by providing food, shelter, security, education and community. But in addition to that, Hope for the World dreams of being able to provide elective course that allow their kids to be kids.

That’s why we’re raising $3,000 to kickstart a music education pilot program at their orphanage in Romania. What better way to helping children in need thrive than by giving them the opportunity we afford our children without even thinking about it: to laugh, dance and sing in a safe, encouraging environment.

By contributing to this project, you’re facilitating the purchase of a repertoire of kid-friendly instruments, pre-funding a year’s worth of salary for a music teacher, and covering the cost of miscellaneous expenses.


As a contributor, you’ll receive real-time updates as HFTW staff deploys its first-ever music education program at one of their orphanages in Eastern Europe.