Hero Up.

Goodwill shouldn't just change the lives of those you help—it should change your life and business too! That's why we've created the Humble Hero program to provide FREE marketing materials designed to highlight the work you support.



How it Works

For making just a $1-3 a day commitment, you'll receive benefits ranging from real-time email updates you can forward to friends and family to print copies of our annual report you can share with existing clients and prospective customers.

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The Humble Hero Badge


A central tenant of the Humble Hero™ program is to provide donors a unique way to share their charitable commitment with customers, colleagues and coworkers. That's why we've developed badges that can be displayed on anything from an email signature to a company website to a business card or corporate flyer.



Become a Humble Hero

Change the world, one life at a time

Simply enter your payment method of choice and check your inbox for your shield, and updates highlighting the life-changing work you've chosen to support!

To designate a specific project to dedicate your support to, simply select the project from the dropdown, type the project project title into the memo line provided, or contact us.



Which Badge is Best?

Not sure which of our three Humble Hero badges best represents with your giving style? Read the profiles below to find out!


Scenario 1

You work hard to pay the bills and sometimes have enough left-over to pursue your passions. You volunteer from time to time, but haven't made any long-term commitments. You like to give, but fear what you have won't go very far.



The bronze-level Humble Hero shield may be the perfect opportunity for you to live for something beyond yourself!

Scenario 2

You're at a stage in life where you're finally able to enjoy of the success you've worked had for. While you don't care for your life to be defined by charity, you'd like to do more to help others without sacrificing the lifestyle you now enjoy.



The silver-level Humble Hero shield may be the perfect opportunity for you help others without hampering your lifestyle.

Secario 3

Having worked hard to get to where you're at, you love being able to pursue your passions. You contribute to several worthy organizations each year, but have yet to find a cause that you're excited to commit to.



The gold-level Humble Hero shield may be the best way to support a cause you can care passionately about.


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Have Questions?

If we've caught your ear, but haven't quite sold you on becoming a Humble Hero, we'd love to speak with you personally. Send us a quick message via our contact form so that we can set-up a time to discuss how the program can serve you or your company in detail.