Financial Relief | Caring for Our Own

All of us will face challenges in life that—without the support of others—would overwhelm us. Earlier this year, we connected with a mortgage professional facing such a challenge: being diagnosed with terminal cancer in their early 40s.

While there was nothing we could do to extend their life, we were able to share their moving story with Wyndham Capital Mortgage, an MPPH partner and a company committed to giving back.

In response to hearing about this professional's tragic circumstances, Wyndham Capital's employees rallied together to raise support for this ailing professional's family in the aftermath of their passing.

Last week, this professional succumbed to their battle with cancer. And while no amount of money can replace the life that was lost, a check for $2,660 was written to their family from caring industry professionals, like you.

Our special thanks to Wyndham Capital for responding with such generosity!

Jake Vermillion

Panama City Beach, FL

Jake serves as an advisor with Thrivent Financial, a Fortune 300, faith-based nonprofit that helps the body of Christ manage God's resources Biblically.

In his spare time, Jake helps nonprofits optimize their digital presence as a freelance consultant, hosts The Human Level, a podcast committed to reclaiming charity as a vehicle for change, and attends Redeemer 30A with his wife, Hannah.