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Housing and education for the hurting.

Since 2006, Mortgage Professionals Providing Hope (MPPH) has provided thousands with access to safe housing and quality education through our charitable programs.

For more than a decade, MPPH has empowered mortgage companies and professionals to have their work serve the greater good by helping to combat the roots of poverty here in the U.S. and around the world.

Through programs like Be A Humble Hero and GiveTogether, thousands of mortgage professionals have found greater purpose for themselves, their teams, and their companies, all while leaving a lasting impact on families and communities in need.

Become a part of the transformative impact the mortgage industry is having across the globe by joining MPPH today!

Why focus on housing and education?

Eradicating poverty is a mammoth task, one that—without the right approach—will remain unaccomplished despite governments and nonprofits throwing billions of dollars at the cause.

Today, as much as 80% of the world still lives in poverty! In the U.S. alone, 42 million Americans live below the poverty line—including 15 million children.

In the face of such overwhelming hardship, nonprofits have to be better at producing real, life-changing results for the poor. By failing to so so, the number of impoverished families and communities worldwide will only continue to rise.

That’s why, at MPPH, we are committed to addressing the root causes of poverty according to top social research: a dire lack of access to safe housing and quality education.