Dale Vermillion
Founder, MPPH

A Tireless Advocate, Faithful Steward.

After returning from a life-changing trip to rural India, Dale Vermillion began laying the foundations for what would become the charitable arm of the entire industry: Mortgage Professionals Providing Hope.

Forced to confront the extreme poverty that plagues more than half of the world’s population still today, Dale returned from his first trip to rural India in 2001 determined to do his part to meet the needs of the hurting.

As a speaker, trainer, and consultant who works with thousands of loan officers representing hundreds of lenders every year, Dale was and is uniquely positioned to share his experiences overseas, and to point to the impact mortgage professionals can have through shared giving!

Shortly after establishing the organization in 2006, Dale oversaw the building of the Lydia Children’s Home, a dormitory MPPH built for more than 500 elementary school-age girls to enjoy their opportunity to attend school safely.

In the 12 years since, Dale has continued to oversee MPPH’s work providing thousands of children and families worldwide with avenues out of poverty, like Housed & Hopeful, which gives homeless families here in the United States access to safe, affordable housing.

Dale is a steadfast voice for generosity, philanthropy, and volunteerism in the mortgage industry. He has inspired thousands of mortgage professionals to give of their time, talent, and treasure to meet the needs of others.

Because of Dale’s conviction, passion, and perseverance, there is both greater demand and greater opportunity for doing good in the mortgage industry today than ever before.